Blood Type Diet Food List

Blood Type Diet Food List 300x241 Blood Type Diet Food ListThis Blood Type Diet Food List will help you narrow down which foods you should and shouldn't eat. Going on a diet can be just a means of making our body healthier. Getting the right kind of food into our body will help our body to function properly. People have different bodies that function differently and that need different foods to help it feel well. Also people have different blood types that need different nutrients to function properly. So for different blood types different foods will help it work better.

Now do not get all worried at what kind of food you are going to eat now, it is not a big change from our normal food. You can research the food that is good for your blood type, and you can get a whole blood type diet food list from your doctor or search it online. Eating according to your blood type is important to get the maximum health benefits. If you follow exactly what kind of food you are supposed to eat and what not, then you will see a steady increase in how healthy your body is.

Type A

People with type A blood have a hard time digesting animal protein, and benefit more from a diet rich in fruits, vegetables and grains.

Type B

Type B people can handle just about any type of food, some foods will cause weight gain. Some foods you should avoid are corn, buckwheat, sesame seeds, peanuts and lentils.

Type O

Type O is said to be the oldest blood type. Type O people digest meat much better when compared to other blood types. Type Os will find that they have a hard time digesting dairy products and food containing gluten. This group should maintain a higher level of protein in the diet and lower levels of gluten and dairy.

Type AB

Blood type AB is known as a recent evolutionary blood type as well as the rarest of the blood types. Foods to eat include turkey, tofu, seafood, lamb, mutton, rabbit, dairy, sea kelp, green vegetables, spirulina, and pineapple. Foods you should avoid are smoked and cured meats, chicken, duck, bacon, beef, buffalo, goose, pork, veal, venison, ham, heart, quail, anchovies, bluegill bass, clams, barracuda, beluga, conch, crab, flounder, frog, crayfish, eel, haddock, halibut,lox, octopus, oysters, sea bass, shrimp, sole, herring, lobster, striped bass, turtle, yellowtail, brie, American cheese, blue cheese, butter, buttermilk, provolone, sherbet, ice cream, Parmesan, while milk, pumpkin seeds, sesame butter (tahini), poppy seeds, filberts, sesame seeds, sunflower seeds, garbanzo beans, kidney beans, lima beans, black-eyed peas, black beans, fava beans, cornflakes, cornmeal, artichoke pasta, soba noodles, artichoke, avocado, buckwheat kasha, barley flour, white and yellow corn, sprouts, bananas, coconuts, black olives, peppers, guava, oranges, pomegranates, prickly pears, mangoes, persimmons, rhubarb and starfruit.

You can change your recipes or eat according to what your blood type needs and help it function properly. An example is, if you have a recipe that says to put in red meat, but your blood type isn’t for it, you can always substitute it for chicken. That is how you can make this diet work for you and for your benefit. Getting this food list will help you know how to diet properly so that your body is not hurt.

The most important thing is that your body is healthy, check with your doctor to find out exactly what foods will benefit your body and which foods will not. When you help your body you are helping yourself feel better. Your body needs to be healthy because it’s the only one you will ever have to make it feel good.

I hope this has been helpful, protect your body from food that will harm it and protect your blood too. Healthy blood can lead to a healthy body, and a healthy body will lead to a happy life. Enjoy being healthy and being in control of your health benefits.

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